June Updates

Billy Al Venice .jpg

Billy Al Bengston, 1966, at his studio. Hanging out with Billy and Larry Bell taught me so much about being an artist. I loved how methodical they were. Like scientists.

Donovan Cafe Vesuvius.jpg

One of my fave pics of Donovan. He invited me to accompany him while he was being filmed at Cafe Vesuvius in San Francisco.

Chris Ethridge.jpg

Chris Ethridge of The Flying Burrito Bros. I call this "Chris Angel "because he really was!

Andee and James.jpg
Tony HUston London.jpg

Tony and Anjelica Huston. Maida Vale, London 1967.

The story behind the cover photos of "Hot Rats"

Christine Frka, pictured in this photo, was quiet and playful.

I wanted a mix of comedy and balls. I wanted to say something about the emergence of female power. Christine was a Tim Burton character mixed with a silent film star. The photos from the shoot that day were so good. The combo of me and Christine really worked.

When next I saw Frank Zappa, he immediately wanted to license the photo for an album he was doing called "Hot Rats," which I agreed to. Little did l know it would enter the iconography as it did.

A print will be released in conjunction with "Andee Eye," and will be in the book as well.


One of the perks of living in Rome with my fiancé James Fox was that author and raconteur Gore Vidal lived nearby in a third story penthouse.  We often visited him for Sunday brunches, which Gore and his mate of decades, Howard Austen, were famous for.  There were always amusing and insightful guests.

One Sunday, we visited Gore with an early pressing of Sgt. Pepper in tow.

After lunch I asked to be excused to put on the album.  Gore's penthouse had a rooftop terrace with an amazing view of Rome and the Vatican. The music spilled out onto the terrace.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing as the first strains began. It was clear to me this was a concept album and it was mind-blowingly good.  I imagined the heads of Cardinals and Bishops perking up as "With a Little Help From My Friends" wafted over the rooftops and into Vatican City.

I danced until I was out of breath and ran into the dining room.  Everyone at the table turned toward me.  Gore slammed his hand on the table. 

"That's it!" he declared. “They've blown it now. I predict this album will be the end of The Beatles.”

I glanced over at James who shot me a look like... "Do you really want to get into it with Gore for the next hour and debate him?"  The whole table was waiting for some sort of show down… but I wasn't going there.

What came to my mind so clearly was— I do not have to defend The Beatles. Not on this day, or on any other.


Leon Russell, Denny Cordell, the pilot and I almost went down

Leon Russell, Denny Cordell, the pilot and I almost went down in this little twin-engine plane on the way back from George Van Tassell's Integratron in Giant Rock, near Joshua Tree. It was apparently the worst rainstorm LA ever had. The guys wanted to visit with Van Tassell who was showing us his energy meter and letting us into his life long work, The Integratron.

The pilot lost radar - the storm pitching the little plane left and right. Leon and I were in the back seat -- he took my hand and said, "We need to white light this plane Miss A," which we did.

Once radar was gone, the pilot was becoming more and more agitated - until Deny Cordell saved the day by speaking him down in such a soothing way. Basically Denny brought that plane in and saved all of our lives.