June Updates

Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park consists of eleven objects and one building on 14 acres in Rogers County, in northeastern Oklahoma. The park is ten miles north-east of Claremore and is located 3.5 miles east of historic U.S. Route 66 and Foyil.

Billy Al Venice .jpg

Billy Al Bengston, 1966, at his studio. Hanging out with Billy and Larry Bell taught me so much about being an artist. I loved how methodical they were. Like scientists.

Donovan Cafe Vesuvius.jpg

One of my fave pics of Donovan. He invited me to accompany him while he was being filmed at Cafe Vesuvius in San Francisco.

Linda  cow reiki .jpg

We were staying at our friends Donovan and Linda's in 2001 in Ireland while my hubby Rick was co-producing a Jackie Chan movie. Linda took Cathy and I on a walk. We were going across a field to visit Bridgette's well, when the cows started following us. Since I was the last in line, the cows starting getting very close to me. "Don't worry about the cows Andee, they won't bother you.”, “But they are! They are starting to chew on my shirt!”. Since Linda knew Reiki, I suggested she Reiki the cow.

Linda and the cows .jpg

One cow felt so good from Linda's healing, the rest of the group showed up for their treatment.

Chris Ethridge.jpg

Chris Ethridge of The Flying Burrito Bros. I call this "Chris Angel "because he really was!

Andee and James.jpg

Young me in Tuscany with fiance James Fox. Even though he was twice my size, I always felt like he needed protection.

Heartbreakers seated in a row diag.jpg

Love this one of Tom and The Heartbreakers at our second session for their first album.

Nancy Lee legs in the air .jpg

Nancy Lee Andrews, Venice Beach, 1977

Tony HUston London.jpg

Tony and Anjelica Huston. Maida Vale, London 1967.